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Understanding Euthanasia Policies in Cultural Context

More than ten years ago, the Dutch parliament legislated a permissive regime of euthanasia for capable Dutch residents. This report examines aspects of Dutch culture relevant to end-of-life decision-making in the Netherlands and considers whether Dutch end-of-life practice can be exported outside of its culture context.

Substitute Decisions

It has long been possible to appoint an attorney to make financial and property decisions on behalf of an individual while the individual is alive and retains mental capacity. But our population is aging, people are living longer but sometimes compromised lives, and decision-making has become more complex with greater options to choose from. This document is an excerpt from a chapter in a legal textbook, explaining both the legal and healthcare implications of substitute decision-making.

Saving the Mind's Grace

Use of Memory Triggers in Dementia

At this point in time, there is little that can be done to stop a decline in mental faculties caused by dementia; however, there are interventions that can provide comfort and perhaps slow memory loss. This paper looks at memory books—a collection of photographs, clippings, histories, and more—and considers how they may be an aid in coping with dementia.


A series of 41 articles dealing with the aesthetics and techniques of photography, digital asset management, and storytelling.

Visual Storytelling

We’re a storytelling species. Whether it’s cave art, cuneiform tablets, scrolls, pamphlets, books, glossy magazines, newspapers, or broadcasts, we cluster our information for sharing as stories. This series explores how we use long-form visual narratives to connect with others, influence change, and educate. See also Pics or It Didn't Happen! Making Memory and Meaning in the Age of Overload.

Digital Asset Management for Everyone

The great thing about digital photography is you can take lots of photographs without worrying about costs. The challenging thing about digital photography is you can take lots of photographs. Organization and sanity are possible. This series guides you in building and using a powerful system to manage your digital chaos.

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