Everyday Graces

I don’t just tell stories with words; I also use my photography. This collection is photographic anthropology—observations and records of people's activities in a certain community, ordinary moments seen extraordinarily, moments of grace in everyday life.

Light & Texture

Photographers are obsessed with light and texture, and I am no exception. This series is a study of the interplay between light and texture, captured when and how I found it. In all cases, the photographs are the consequence of an experience, an impression retained as an outwardly visible sign of a feeling or effect or vision.


When I make a portrait, I want to capture the essence of a person, body and soul. Ten years of nursing taught me how to engage a person without shattering his or her privacy, and it's this approach that I bring to portrait photography. I want to reveal the genuine person–not uncomfortably exposed, but comfortably without a mask.

iStock-9759098-blue ribbon.jpg


“Driver’s Seat,” ddOosterhoff, 2011

  • Doug Boult Award for Excellence in Photography, Prince Edward County Arts Council, Art Council of Ontario (2011).

  • Awarded “Best in Show,” CLIC Eastern Ontario Photo Show (2011) for “Driver’s Seat.” According to the jury, “this image brought to mind the ‘story telling paintings’ of Norman Rockwell. Dawn clearly translated a moment that will reach out and touch everyone who sees this fantastic shot.”