Making information easy to read

© Photography by  Eva Hadhazy .

© Photography by Eva Hadhazy.

I am a certified technical writer and editor — an information genie with superpowers in combining research, writing, and editing to shape complex content into accessible and useful information. I specialize in using the principles of storytelling to help readers engage with the content. I am also visually literate and use my training in layout and photography for optimal information design.

WRITING & EDITING — My goal is to make information easy to access and a pleasure to read. That may involve editing existing content, writing new content, or some combination of the two. It can, and often does, involve rigorous research and analysis of the information. Whatever I write or edit, I advocate for the reader, striving for content that is engaging to read and informative.

Case Studies — My specialty is writing and editing cases—narrative summaries of business, medical, or legal scenarios that usually involve analyzing and responding to a particular dilemma. Case studies are widely used in consulting and academia, and are increasingly used in marketing to share stories of success with a product or service.

DESIGN — Good communication starts with the content and ends with presenting it the way readers need to get it. Making content usable involves designing visual and physical elements for best function. It may also involve adding or editing graphs, charts, tables, or photographs to the text, or designing presentation slides to accompany the text. Aesthetics are part of the equation, but so is knowledge of how people read and how white space, headings, image placement, font, and so much more translate information into usable communication.

PHOTOGRAPHY — I am also a photographer. Photography runs in my blood, delivering creative nutrients to my brain so I can do everything else that I do.

I am a professional member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP) and ascribe to SfEP’s code of practice for editorial excellence.